Why Herbel Garage?

I decided to ask this question and keep my response separate from the page “About Herbel Garage” because this site deserves more than simply a summary of what it is about.  The “why” is important.  Why Herbel Garage?  Well, I can think of several reasons off hand:

  1. North Dakota resiliency;  I think it is good and important for all people to have a basic understanding of car functions and repairs and a basic grasp of how to do those repairs.  Sadly, even in North Dakota this is becoming less and less the case but it is a very important aspect of growing into adulthood.  North Dakotans, and Midwesterners in general, are a hardy people, a people capable and willing to work through difficult times and situations.  In a day and age in which fewer people have even a general understanding of the way things work, and fewer people have an appreciation for what it takes to function without relying on paid services for everything, mechanical resiliency is a hard-to-come-by virtue.
  2. Problem solving on restoration and mechanical projects develops mental and physical skills useful in other situations in life.  Creative thinking and problem solving transfer between areas in life and what one learns from working on cars and other similar projects will transfer to other areas of life.  Likewise, those who don’t know how to do as much as they wish can learn from the work of others.  Even those who simply appreciate hard work and skills in others can learn things such as humility, dedication, and a deeper appreciation.  This is certainly true not only of those who restore things but to a lesser degree also true of those who observe the work of others.
  3. A heritage of values; hard work and discipline along with problem solving and creative thought are not always easy to come by.  More than that, it is easy at times to assume that the newest is always the best and greatest.  People who restore cars know otherwise.  We know there is an aesthetic that is often lost in modern car designs.  We know that there is something gained by working on one’s own vehicle that is largely missing today.  We know that by working alongside our children, we pass on cultural, religious, and personal values that we believe can stand a lifetime.
  4. The Importance of community; restoring a vehicle often means getting to know others better.  Certainly, it can be a bonding experience between family members, as in our case, but it also means connecting with others who do repair and restoration work as well.
  5. It is an opportunity to learn and to appreciate that which can be relaxing and rewarding.  I hope some people learn from this site.  I hope others appreciate what we find relaxing and rewarding.