About Herbel Garage

Welcome to Herbel Garage, a blog dedicated to the garage projects of the Herbel family.  Here, you can follow our restoration, mechanical, and repair adventures of a 1963 Comet, a 1974 F100, and a 1972 VW.  These are family projects, involving father-son and father-daughter work.  The ’63 Comet is dad’s car show cruising hot rod.  The F100 resides at our farm, as a family heirloom,and will be handed down to Micah, who plans on keeping it in its amazing survivor condition.    The 1972 VW Beetle had been dad’s daily driver in college and will be handed down to Tasha.  We are keeping an eye out for Macrina’s future cruiser.  Time will tell what Micah gets on his own for a performance vehicle (he’s leaning toward a Ford Ranger) and what classic/performance car I get for mom.