Making A Custom Valve Cover

So with the tear down complete, there are some things to get done to put it all back together appropriately. One question that naturally arises is what to do for the valve cover. I had been thinking about buying the finned one from Vintage Inlines but I was having trouble fitting it into the budget and then saw on their site that they’re out of stock. So, then I thought about a chrome valve cover but when I bought the autolite 2100 from Jacob H, he had one on his Mustang and told me about the thin stamping and oil leaking troubles he had to address. So, I decided we should stick with the stock (heavier gauge) valve cover. My friend Thom suggested a paint scheme that I quickly latched onto. 

So, I prepped the valve cover and Lorie did the painting, making this car truly a family affair!  Here was the first step: masking the rectangular stamp and applying VHT black wrinkle:  

After that, we painted the rectangle light Ford blue (matching the cylinder head):

The next step was to paint the oval the dark Ford blue:
So, it’s starting to “pop” but what really made it pop was when Lorie hand painted the outline of the rectangle and the lettering:
The final product is a beauty:
All paint was VHT high temp and each layer was cured with a heat gun. If anyone decides to paint by hand with this, know ahead of time that the way the paint acts is close to how egg tempera behaves. 
I think she did a beautiful job and kudos to Tasha for holding the light to help mom out as well. I can’t wait to get this back together and on the road and to Cruise night!


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