Tear Down Begins

Well, with many of the go-fast parts in hand, the tear down has begun.  Here’s what we started with:

We removed the air cleaner and then Micah began removing the carburetor:

You will notice the fuel line is already disconnected.  A bolt, with electrical tape wrapped around the threads was placed into the fuel line.  Next we disconnected the throttle and kick down linkage and then we undid the vacuum lines and bolts.  While Micah did that.  Macrina took masking tape, wrapped pieces around each spark plug, and wrote the number on the tape, to ease reconnecting them to the plugs in the new head.

After removing the carb, Micah then removed the headers, the thermostat housing, the valve cover, the spark plugs, and the rockers and pushrods.

Once everything is off the cylinder head, we then removed the cylinder head bolts holding that on.  Here, you can see we made a box, with an arrow pointing forward, with holes for each bolt.  This we did just in case the bolts were different lengths, so we’d know right where to put them.  The second picture is Micah and Macrina removing the bolts.


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