Beat the Snow Driving and Winter Storage

Well, with the headers on, we were able to drive the car before the snow flew!  I drove it to work a couple times and even picked Micah up from wrestling practice in it.  Here it is in the driveway and garage:

In the DriveGaraged

We did notice there was still a barn smell to it when it would be sitting enclosed within the garage.  Quite a bit of that was coming from the cowl, so we purchased some Out!, a pet urine cleaner and flushed the cowl with that.  That has improved things even more but when enclosed one can still get some smell.  We might flush the cowl once more with Out! and see if we can figure out where else some of it may be coming from.  Of course, there are things we still need to do that could help:  a new headliner, new door panels, etc.  This spring, we should add Pertronix ignition, tackle some of the suspension, and look into the transmission (linkage is off but a C4 would be much better than the two speed Merc-o-matic it currently has).  Further down the road, a progressive Webber 2 barrel carb would be nice too.  The headers, pertronix ignition, and 2 barrel Webber won’t make it a speed demon, but they will definitely add increased torque and horsepower that will be useful for cruising.  I hope to replace the transmission with a C4 three speed as well, which will make a huge difference also.  Oh, and we need to add seat belts at some point too.  I’ll keep my eye out for a disc brake kit but that may be tougher to find.


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