Seat Removal and Installation

In order to get the carpet out and clean all the hard surfaces with vinegar (in order to combat the barn find smell) we had to pull the seats.  We didn’t recover them, but may do so later.  The seat cushions didn’t seem to be ripped into by the mice, so we’re going to try to keep them for now in order to spare the expense.  They didn’t seem to absorb too much of the mouse smell, so for now we decided to clean them and keep them.  We may have to reconsider that down the road.    SeatsSeats 2

Installing SeatInterior Installed


Carpet Replacement

In addition to the mouse nest needing to be removed from around the heater core and within the heating system, the carpet had clearly been abused and did not smell well at all.  Rather than trying to clean the carpet that was there, though it seemed to be the original set, we ripped it all out, threw it away, and took vinegar and scrubbed everything down inside the car.  We did not try to move any of the tar paper since the metal is solid and the tar paper was still sticking well.  Here’s the new carpet:

New Carpet