Heater Plenum Renewed

We’re  a little behind on posting what we’ve been able to accomplish on the Comet thus far this year so hopefully this gets us back on track.  In the pictures below, you’ll notice the mouse nest no longer exists.  We soaked all the metal pieces in vinegar, which helped remove both rust and mouse mess.  It also takes care of the urine smell.  Most of the vinegar was subsequently dumped in a dead patch near our driveway but one tub was so heavy we dumped in on the grass near the drive.  Unfortunately, vinegar kills grass.  Lorie wasn’t so happy with Micah and I on that one!


Below are the pictures of them refurbished.  You’ll notice we resprayed it all off white to go with the Sultana White paint job on the exterior.  We were also hoping it would continue the two tone blue/off-white within the interior.  Originally, they had been black.  You’ll notice the new gasket on the air inlet.  The two vent hoses were simply replaced.  Micah and I tag teamed putting the blower, heater core, and this plenum system back in, along with two new hoses from the heater core.

Plenum Heater