Mouse Motel

Hey guys this is Micah here and I am going to tell you about some of the things that I have been doing to the mouse nest problem and how we figured it out. One day my dad and I were driving home and we were going into the garage to put the car away, and my dad said: “I think this car smells like mice and I think we need to investigate after the radiator is out.” So after we took the radiator out and that stuff we sniffed out the car and then we knew it was the heater core so then we opened it up and there was a huge mouse nest in there so here are a few pictures on our adventure.

Here is what the heater core looked like:


Here is the mouse motel behind the heater core:


Here is the plenum portion removed:


We threw away the hoses going from the plenum to the dash (for defrost).

Here is blower motor removed.  It works but notice the mouse nest on the blower cage: