1963 Mercury Comet

The Garagecomet-summer-2016

I purchased this 1963 Comet near the end of June, 2015.  This two door sedan (post, not hard top) has the S-22 package installed on it.  It has an inline six and a C4 (three speed automatic transmission) and a rear end ratio of 3.5.  Originally, the engine was a 170 but according to a note in the owner’s manual, the previous owner (who had deceased recently, which is why it was for sale) had put a new engine into the car in 1984.  The engine is now the 200.  Although no longer the original engine, it is still within the same engine family and is a better engine from the standpoint of performance and performance upgrades.  True, most people would toss in a V8, but we’re not most people.  Our inline 200 is within the same family as the 170 but once our modifications are installed, it will be a “hot six.”  The car was originally purchased in order to work on a vehicle with Micah and to be a hot rod for me and the family.